Boots Riley of The Coup (courtesy photo) - CLICK TO ENLARGE.

Boots Riley of The Coup (courtesy photo) – CLICK TO ENLARGE.

On Friday, February 20th, at 10pm, KCSB-FM 91.9 will air a same-night recording of a UC Santa Barbara concert by Oakland-based funk/hip-hop group The Coup, whose instrumental skills, breadth of influences, and overall intelligence have made them one of the most acclaimed conscious hip-hop acts of the last quarter century.

The radical music collective, lead by lyricist and founding member Boots Riley, will perform at UCSB’s intimate MultiCultural Center Theater starting at 8pm sharp.

KCSB’s broadcast of this event in part reflects this station’s commitment to bring listeners live, unfiltered creative performances. The brief delay is necessitated by strict restrictions on speech by the Federal Communications Commission (the FCCs “safe harbor hours” for free expression begins at 10pm).

The special has added significance, however, as The Coup’s return appearance was recently threatened when the University’s insurer declined to indemnify the proceedings (and any rap music performances on campus) —and by an initial internal refusal to waive that added UCSB requirement. A public outcry by students, faculty, staff, and fans of the group accompanied an eventual reversal of the decision.

Courtesy Poster from UCSB's MultiCultural Center.

Courtesy Poster from UCSB’s MultiCultural Center.

KCSB reached out to the band and to the MCC to share the live experience with listeners, and as a show of support and solidarity for edgy artists like Boots Riley and The Coup.

Tickets are now on sale online HERE, and at the Associated Students Cashiers and Ticket Office. Or tune in to KCSB-FM 91.9 (with live streaming too) starting at 10pm PST — to re-live the sure-to-be-provocative performance!