This week in the Independent‘s column on KCSB, The KCSBeat, Colin Marshall produces and documents the anatomy of a public service announcement — specifically, one (somewhat belatedly) announcing the existence of the column:

I suspect I’ve subconsciously avoided this project because it involves copywriting, a word whose very sound makes me slump over. People at a non-commercial station like KCSB, with a few sterling exceptions, are not particularly well-suited to the advertising arts. I am not one of those sterling exceptions. I blame the stretches I’ve had on commercial radio stations, where I was driven to the brink of personal and professional meltdown by the inanity of the spots they aired over and over and over again. My doctor made me promise never to get within 50 feet of a martinizing-related jingle again.

You can rest assured you’ll never hear such a thing on KCSB. We’re talking about a station whose most popular spots include a monologue from Gil Scott-Heron (of all people) about the dangers of “angel dust,” and a genuinely demonic little number where an anthropomorphic epididymis urges listeners not to kill their parents. Going too far afield is probably not a danger.

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