This week, on Thursday’s newcast at 5 PM, KCSB’s Nkechi Ikem interviews John J. Pitney Jr., the author of The Politics of Autism: Navigating the Contested SpectrumThe Politics of Autism looks at the past, present, and future of legislation concerning autism.


While the mere topic of autism garners a lot of attention and opinons, from the anti-vaccine movement to the possible eradication of autism through screening technology, very few people are aware of the history and faces of autism.

Photo courtesy of John Pitney Jr.

Photo courtesy of John Pitney Jr.

Few people know that the Brown v. the Board of Education decision helped integrate autistic students into the mainstream education system, moving away from instutionalization. Few are aware of the in-fighting, those that believe autism is a disease to be cured, and those that believe that autism is a disability to be accomodated.


Little is discussed about the ways that race and class make recieving treatment therapy difficult, thus making it hard for autistic people of color to integrate into normal society. John J. Pitney’s The Politics of Autism addresses all of those issues and more into a book that is under 200 pages. Tune in at 5 PM, Thursday, August 25th, to hear the interview.


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8/30 Update: Here is the audio to the interview: