Greg Drust (circa 2012)

This Thursday, March 29, from 10am-12Noon, KCSB’s “50 Years of People-Powered Radio” interviews Greg Drust regarding his years at KCSB. Drust was a blues and polka programmer at KCSB for 20 years (best known for his long-running program “Back at the Chicken Shack”) and is renowned for his interviews with blues legends and for his compilations of some of their work for Rhino Records. The two hours will include music that he has chosen for the program. Eric Wolff and Elizabeth Robinson will be asking Greg to share some of his most memorable moments and bring us up to date on his current work.


“50 Years of People-Powered Radio” airs on Thursdays from 10am-12Noon during KCSB’s Winter Quarter.