kcsbfiler“A Brief History of KCSB”, the opening miniseries of the Santa Barbara Independent’s KCSB-themed column “The KCSBeat“, arrives in the present day with a final chapter on the 2000s:

The KCSB of the 2000s is the KCSB we know today: varied, experimental, prone to change things up every few months, a container of multitudes.

2001 saw the station take advantage of opportunities afforded by the internet, overhauling its theretofore fairly static web site and upgrading its web servers to offer listeners worldwide the ability to tune in via an online stream. This meant that former KCSBers could keep up with the station even if they’d long since fled Santa Barbara. This would have prepared the far-flung attendees of KCSB’s 40th anniversary reunion, held in 2002 in Oak Park, or its 45th in 2007. You wouldn’t think DJs of decades past would necessarily rush back over great distances to their old college station and reminisce, but then, KCSB has that effect on people.

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