Photo Credit: Suzanne Bernel

On Monday, May 30th, UC Santa Barbara Professor Kip Fulbeck, a multi-media artist, joined Ted Coe on the music and cultural arts program, “The Freak Power Ticket.”

Their conversation came ahead of Fulbeck’s debut performance at the Santa Barbara Contemporary Art Forum’s First Thursday Forum Lounge: “Race, Sex, and Tattoos: The Kip Fulbeck Experience” (on Thursday, June 2nd, 2011).

Over the course of the hour, Kip shared insights regarding numerous topics, including his three books of photography, “hapa” Asian and other multi-racial identities, tattoos, parenting and children, spoken word art, music, humor, university instruction, social justice issues, pop culture, and more.

The following podcast is an edited version of their conversation (minus most of the show’s music playlist).