intentsandpurposesIn the two most recent editions of The KCSBeat, Colin Marshall’s column for the Santa Barbara Independent on all things KCSB, the spotlight swings two particularly interesting shows currently on the schedule. One is Tuesday morning’s Intents & Purposes:

As graduate students in UCSB’s education department, Maaia and Grigsby savor the challenge of putting themselves through a crash course in so many different sorts of specialized information and making it relatable for anyone who tunes in.
“The experience forces you to get a deeper understanding,” Maaia explains. “You need to go back, to engage with the headlines, to think about the related issues. The stereotype of the nerdy academic who doesn’t shower, who can’t talk outside their field — it’s not true. People think of computer scientists that way, for example, but the computer scientists we’ve had on were the most eloquent and passionate about sharing their subject with the world.” Maaia talks about Fresh Air‘s Terry Gross as an inspiration, since she “makes the subject accessible, even when some answers might be over your head.” Grigsby cites Tom Ashbrook, of WBUR’s On Point, as an influence. “We’re sort of On Point meets Morning Becomes Eclectic, since that show also brings to light songs that aren’t widely heard.”

The other is Saturday afternoon’s Kittens vs. Godzilla:

Any Kittens vs. Godzilla listener will recognize the rhythm of this conversation, since all three of the team chat on-air about the music — Borzi at the deejay’s mic, Dadashi and Sloat sharing the couch mic — in the brief moments between tracks. There’s not much time for talk, though, since they’ve got so much to play: Each co-host comes prepared with music, and the show’s playlists are formed live by rotating evenly between each of their selections. This prompts friends listening in to match which host to which track. As all three are housemates sharing an Isla Vista residence with five other girls, those friends who happen to constantly be exposed to their particular musical preferences at home have a definite advantage.

If you have any favorite KCSB programs whose creators are doing creative things on the air, feel free to point Colin toward them at colinjmarshall at gmail.