On the next broadcast of “The Freak Power Ticket” (Monday, December 23): Krampus on Campus! 

Join Ted Coe, guest host Atilla the fun (of KCSB’s “Third Stream Radio,” Saturdays from 3-5pm), and special guests Megan (formerly of “Black Metal Radio”) and more, as they pay homage to Krampus, the demonic alpine beast of European lore who shadows Saint Nicholas, threatening recalcitrant children with punishment and abduction.

The Krampus has emerged in the U.S. as the object of rising fascination in part due to books from Monte Beauchamp (including The Devil in Design: The Krampus Postcards and Krampus: The Devil of Christmas).

Krampus characters have begun to appear in network television programs like American Dad and Grimm, while creative communities around the country are producing Krampus events, including Krampusfest Los Angeles, which included a “Krampus art show, performances, music, and street appearances by LA’s first Krampus Troupe.”

On today’s program: Krampus-themed songs (from traditional music to modern rock’n’roll, metal, and even dub reggae), folk legends, and other pop-culture connections, to bring a welcome twist to the overly-sanitized and commercialized season that is upon us!

“The Freak Power Ticket” airs on Mondays in the fall from 11am-12noon on KCSB. Today’s program is an extended holiday special!