Tune in to Symphony of Destruction on Monday, May 6th from 9pm-10pm for the performance of a Local Santa Barbara Death metal band, Eating Fear! KCSB is very excited to be working with local community members who are passionate and talented. Symphony of Destruction is a heavy metal show that focuses on different aspects of the genre of Heavy Metal!  Here is a brief bio of the band:



Eating Fear gives the new Generation of kids and Adults alike who strive for the purest, most sincere presentation of culture a safe haven to not only gather and make friends at their events but to be apart of a movement that promotes community, love, strength, perseverance and success.

These three Gentleman, deliver a creative and powerful sonic force that invokes a sense of strength & honor with a fury that can fuel any soul who hears this music, to accomplish any goal and overcome any obstacle.

After extensive touring and many festivals ( in addition to being sanctioned for this years New Noise music Festival for the second time) Eating Fear has just finished their first record. A 6 track opus entitled “Knowing”. Recorded by the guitar player/singer Philthy Femicide at their own studio.

Eating Fear continues to tour extensively to support funding for their merchandise and recordings and plans to release another record in November.

Eating Fear is a melting pot of all genres with a focus on Metal with heavy influence on Melody and Groove.