“The health of any nation’s soul depends on the capacity of adults to face the harsh facts of the time. But the covering up of painful emotions inside us and the blocking out of fearful images coming from outside have become in our country the national and private style. We have established, with awesome verve, the animal of denial as the guiding beast of the nation’s life.” -Robert Bly

Groundbreaking poet, editor, translator, storyteller, and father of what he has called “the expressive men’s movement,” Robert Bly remains one of the most hotly debated American artists of the past half century. He will be performing April 23rd at the Granada Theater in Santa Barbara.

Join Philip Le Vasseur of “Art of Peace” Wednesday April 22 at 7pm, as he interviews 3 local organizations that are beneficiaries of the Evening with Robert Bly-Domestic Violence Solutions; The Mankind Project; and Boys to Men Mentoring Network, that are working to end the intergenerational cycle of domestic violence, by mentoring young men, and supporting men to find and develop their own life’s mission.

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