Given there’s two of us it’s a bit hard to get in the exact right mental spot for this week’s theme, but since Frank ignores George most of the time anyway it’s not that difficult. For this week we explore Loneliness. We don’t mean musicians going solo, as: 1) we’ve already used that theme, and 2) they usually end up playing with some hired hands anyway, don’t they? We don’t even mean one-person bands, unless they end up singing about how that makes them sad, even if they get to keep all the money for themselves, so they’re probably faking the sad just to earn some sympathy, and who likes people like that? So there might a band name or two with lonely-alone in it, but mostly we’re talking songs, sometimes people singing all by themselves, sometimes lonely and crying, sometimes owners of a lonely heart (it had that bad break-up with the lungs, remember?). So tune in and don’t be alone.

"Frank 'n' George" The Loneliness Show

“Frank ‘n’ George” The Loneliness Show (image: Frank Goad)

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