Of an upcoming interview on her program Las Flores, Luna writes:

Opera è mobile is a project that 26 year-old Saïté Chen started in spring this year in Paris after finding the perfect little piano during one of his trips around Europe. In an interview  with him I conducted earlier this summer in Shanghai, Saïté said that the fact that opera has usually been performed only in theaters made it seem an art that is directed towards higher social stratums or older audiences and, due to this, a lot of people had a hard time approaching it. That’s why, once he got a piano tiny enough that could be easily moved around the narrow Parisian streets and finally found a countertenor brave enough to expose this art in an open environment, he set his plan in motion. Now, Saïté’s project has grown immensely, and his performance now features 5 additional vocalists.

I see Saïté as kind of an opera Banksy. Tune in to learn more about Opera è mobile, as well as a Record Release surprise.”

Las Flores airs Saturdays 7-8p this fall.