Mario Ybarra Jr.

From August 5th through September 30th, the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum presents Mario Ybarra Jr.: The Tío Collection, a new, large-scale project.


This self-titled exhibition is a museological tribute to the family of artist Mario Ybarra Jr., displaying both fictional and non-fictional objects from his uncles’ lives, including his and their photographs, artifacts, and other handmade objects in a faux-history museum at CAF.

Inspired by artists like Fred Wilson and LA’s Museum of Jurassic Technology, Ybarra Jr. examines and deconstructs the traditional display of art and artifacts in museums, libraries, and other authoritative institutions, with a particular focus on inclusion of the Chicano experience.

The opening night reception is on Saturday, August 4th, from 630-8pm.

The Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum is located at the Paseo Nuevo Upper Arts Terrace. For more information call 805.966.5373 or go to Admission is free.

KCSB is a media supporter of Mario Ybarra Jr.: The Tío Collection at SB-CAF.

On Monday’s edition of “The Freak Power Ticket” (July 30), producer/host Ted Coe greeted Ybarra, co-founder of the Slanguage Studio (in Wilmington [“Wilmas”], California) and CAF’s Press & Marketing Manager Kimberly Hahn to discuss this exhibition. An edited podcast of this hour is now available here (listen to the stream via the player below or click on download).