images-2As the possibility of cuts to the Medicare program loom, Robert Stone, MD wrote: “Who is the most popular health insurer in America? Not Anthem Blue Cross. It’s Medicare. And what insurer is the most efficient? Medicare again, operating at only 1.4 percent overhead, while the private insurers strain to meet the Affordable Care Act maximum overhead of 20 percent.” He joined Noor Aljawad and Elizabeth Robinson for an in depth discussion of the program. Then Christine Ahn, founding member of the Campaign to End the Korean War, informs of the impact of the failure to officially end the Korean War 60 years ago. Like many Koreans in the US and abroad are eager for the reunification of the country and believe it is immediately possible. For more, listen here.Rob Stone Medicare:No Alibis 080713Christine Ahn:Korean War:No Alibis 080713<a