KCSB-FM’s Development Coordinator Ted Coe, who also produces and hosts the weekly music-and-cultural-arts program “The Freak Power Ticket,” has this to say about the attached podcast:

“On February 8th, 2014, I co-produced a special broadcast of ‘Third Stream Radio,’ as regular producers/co-hosts ‘Attila the Fun’ (Denver Dale) and TJ (Lemieux) greeted Icelandic filmmaker Ragnar Bragason, writer/director of the award-winning new film Metalhead (Málmhaus).

Courtesy Image.

METALHEAD (Iceland: Bragason 2013). Courtesy image.

As Metalhead was having its local debut in town that weekend during the 29th Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Bragason visited KCSB’s studios to introduce the ‘dark intense drama of faith, loss and heavy metal music in the 80’s and early 90’s’ (facebook.com/metalheadfilm/info) and to share his own passion for metal on the eclectic music program.

While Metalhead has not yet secured a domestic U.S. release, it is still making waves on the international film-festival circuit. What is more, Attila and TJ both reported later that Bragason’s movie also stands out for its deft use of black humor.

I’m excited to share, finally, a recording of the compelling interview that took place on that overcast Saturday afternoon some months ago. Behind the scenes, I was captivated by their expansive conversation.

I’m not alone in announcing that I miss having Denver and TJ creating such terrific radio at KCSB-FM on a regular basis. ‘Attila the Fun’ is currently an occasional sub on KCSB, while co-host TJ has (unfortunately for us) moved away from the area.

It’s gratifying to be sharing this podcast, then, for posterity’s sake. Personally, I can’t wait to for another chance to see Metalhead, which I sadly missed during the SBIFF’s busy closing weekend!”