On Friday, January 31st, the cast and crew of the music-oriented independent film Mount Joy, joined “Mr. Supersonico” Bennett Piscitelli, co-producer/-host of “Future Daze,” for a live in-studio interview.

Courtesy Photo.

MOUNT JOY crew/cast in-studio at KCSB (L-R): Mark Sparrough, Katie Hyde, Brandon Lee Harris, M. Angelo Mena, Jack Lewars, Taylor Choyce – CLICK TO ENLARGE.

The tragicomedy, about members of a punk-rock trio The Living Daylights and their circle of friends and associates from the rural community of Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, had its world-premiere run at the 29th Santa Barbara International Film Festival, and was one of the hits to debut over the course of those ten days through early February.

Mr. Supersonico was joined by first-time director Jack Lewars, producer/actor Katie Hyde, writer M. Angelo Mena, executive producer Taylor Choyce, actor Brandon Lee Harris, and director of photography Mark Sparrough.

KCSB programmer Ted Coe says, “Mount Joy, during its best scenes, evokes Richard Linklater’s early films, along with possessing a striking visual sensibility that is akin to works by nineties cult-director Hal Hartley.”

A musical selection from the movie, called “Roll the Credits” (written by lead actor Jay Della Valle) is included (with permission) in this edited podcast segment.

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