WRITERS CAFE LOGO-REAL-WEBVagabond is a new multilingual literary journal at UCSB, just finishing its first issue! Two members of the Vagabond staff joined Writers’ Cafe to talk about the project with host (and sister Vagabond staffer) Chryss Yost.

Miriam Lmaifi was born and raised in Paris and has been a Lecturer in French for the last two years. Her parents are from Morocco – which explains why it s so hard it is to pronounce her last name. In addition to speaking Arabic and French, she started learning English and German when she was 9 and later majored in English. She is completing my Masters in Literary Translation from English into French and have developed a special interest in Writing in a Second Language. She is a Faculty advisor / editor for French language sections / part of the reading committee for Vagabond.

Shannon Leavitt, 23 years old, will graduate this coming Sunday from UCSB holding a B.A. in Comparative Literature with an emphasis in French. She is co-founder and editor-in-chief of UCSB’s Vagabond Multilingual Literary Journal. Shannon intends to go on to graduate school to pursue a degree in Jewish history, specifically focusing on WWII and the Holocaust. Before diving back in to school, she plans to spend a year in Israel in order to learn Hebrew and to gain a deeper knowledge of the Jewish faith.

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