Musical Charis Zugh Orion Walsh

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Almost exactly a year ago, the indie-pop group Musical Charis made a stop at KCSB for an in-studio performance on “The Freak Power Ticket.” A podcast of that performance (with Musical Charis preceding Blvd. Park, another band with Sacramento origins on the same tour) proved to be a quite-popular archival recording on this website.

Tomorrow, Monday, March 5th, from 11am-12noon, Musical Charis returns to Studio A with one more Sacramento act in tow, the funk-reggae group ZuhG, plus indie-folk singer Orion Walsh, from Lincoln, Nebraska.

Much like last year, Musical Charis and friends make a stop on a journey that has them bound for Austin, Texas, and beyond. This year’s 60-day “For the Love of Music Tour” will feature at least two SXSW showcases and many more gigs around the country.

Later Monday night, the Biko Garage will be graciously hosting an all-ages show featuring sets by all three. This last-minute show (after an unexpected cancellation) is scheduled to begin at 8pm and must finish at 10pm-sharp due to local curfews. The Biko Garage is located at 6612 Sueno Rd. near Pardall and downtown Isla Vista. Donations to support the “For the Love of Music Tour” will be collected at the show.

“The Freak Power Ticket” (with Ted Coe) airs on Mondays in the winter from 11am-12noon.