This week’s show co-hosted by Jordan Camp and Elizabeth Robinson discusses the poetics and politics of post-Katrina New Orleans on the occasion of the Katrina Commemoration events held on August 29th, including interviews with:

  • Founding member of the People’s Hurricane Relief Fund and revolutionary community organizer, Malcolm Suber

  • Activist, editor, and political journalist, Jordan Flaherty

  • Hip hop artist, community organizer, and owner of Nuthin’ But Fire Records, Sess 4-5

  • Poet, musician, teacher, and grassroots activist, Sunni Patterson

  • Grassroots emcee and organizer with the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (MXGM) Black August Hip Hop Project benefit concert to support political prisoners, Truth Universal

  • MXGM activist, Melanie Grace Lawrence

  • Poet, teacher, writer, and activist, Kalamu Ya Salaam