Of the next edition of “Culture of Protest,” producer/host Dick Flacks writes:

“December 2nd-3rd marks the anniversary of the Berkeley Free Speech Movement (FSM) occupation of Sproul Hall in 1964. Nearly 800 students took over the administration building at Cal demanding an end to campus restrictions on political expression and advocacy. The mass arrests there led to a massive strike and ended in victory. These events culminated months of protest that electrified students across the world. The steps of Sproul Hall were officially named the Savio Steps after Mario Savio, eloquent FSM leader, died in 1996. A couple of weeks ago, Occupy UC Berkeley protesters were brutally attacked on these very steps, and the  ramifications of that, coupled with the pepper spray at Davis, has helped fuel a new era of student protest.

On the radio this week we’ll commemorate this FSM anniversary by hearing the sounds of protest from 1964, including Mario Savio’s famous speech calling his fellow students to put their bodies on the gears of the machine to win their freedom.”

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