Ted KennedyProfessor Dick Flacks, host of Culture of Protest (Thursdays, 6-7pm), writes about tonight’s broadcast: “Normally at this time of the year I try to present a musical commencement ‘speech’ to preview the graduation weekend at UCSB. Tonight something a bit different: we’ll start by listening to the landmark speech Ted Kennedy gave at the Democratic Convention in 1980. It marked his emergence as the senatorial spokesperson for a politics of ‘liberty and justice for all’ as well as acknowledging his defeat in the Democratic primaries of that year. I play it to give some context to the tributes he’s been getting during his battle with brain cancer–and because it still resonates as a battle cry for a yet to be realized progressive Democratic party. After that: a montage of new songs we’ll dedicate to the class of 2008 helping members to define potentials for personal meaning and social change.” (Thurs., 6 /12 6-7pm)