nasa-broadcast-logo_r140x140This week in The KCSBeat, Colin Marshall’s Santa Barbara Independent column on everything to do with KCSB, spend some time with Captain Z and Nicolebot, formerly known as Kevin Olsson and Nicole Goulding, host of Saturday night’s blast of electro house music, The N.A.S.A. Broadcast:

Unlike most of the station’s staff, both happen to be advanced cyborgs. You can read their origin story in the spring 2010 issue of the Livewire, KCSB’s newly revived ‘zine (whose own origin story appeared in this column). It seems that, after a freak accident at the microchip plant, mild-mannered Kevin Olsson and Nicole Goulding were transformed from regular human beings into imposing-sounding “bipedal superprocesssors.” Justifiably bored with Earth life thanks to their greatly expanded brainpower, they launched themselves into space in search of more advanced entertainment to beam back to the home planet.

Piloting their shiny new neon-powered spacecraft under robotically revised personas, the two ultimately discovered a force promising to re-energize even the most unstimulating Earthling existence: electro house music. Joining Captain Z and Nicolebot in high Earth orbit, I sought to learn just what this stuff is and why it holds such power.

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