Image courtesy of National Archives and Records Administration, cataloged under the ARC Identifier 542020Of his upcoming broadcast, host Dick Flacks writes:

outside llewyn davis
Another radio hour stimulated by The Coen Brothers’ use of the Village folk revival to frame the story of Llewyn Davis. This week: the music and musickers they left out–those who inspired and instructed Llewyn and his generation and those who were also playing in the cafes. Odetta, Rev. Gary Davis, the real Tom Paxton and Jack Elliott and Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs and the Clancy Brothers.
Dave Van Ronk’s memoir was grist for the Coen mill–so we’ll use his accounts as a source book for our own musical exploration. I learned a lot doing this–and so might you if you listen!
culture of protest thurs  1/9/14 6 pm pst kcsb 91.9fm