Colin Marshall continues his journalistic pursuit of KCSB super-listener Dave from the Grave in The KCSBeat this week, finding that, to truly understand Dave, he must become Dave:

He left first notice of this in my voice mail, saying he had bad news and good news. The bad news is obvious. The good news is the cache of old notebooks that he reported finding. They are perhaps 30 in number, containing various notes, remembrances, favorite song titles, and music references to follow up; all filled, of course, while listening to KCSB. This massive handwritten record of one man’s prodigious listening habits would certainly come in handy during our interview — should that interview ever come to pass.

I resolved, in the meantime, to use this windfall of extra preparation time wisely. Unless all those cops-and-killers movies are wrong, one cannot truly know one’s quarry unless one is willing to become one’s quarry, to get inside their head by doing as they do, by living as they live. Alas, financial and social obligations preclude the possibility of my never leaving home and, hence, the earshot of my trusty radios ever-tuned to 91.9 FM. But I could stay up all night long — in theory, anyway — immersing myself in the distinctive vibe of KCSB’s graveyard-shift signal.

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