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Don Aters

Don Aters Photography

Peter Lewis, of Moby Grape, and his daughter, Arwen Lewis, will play LIVE on The Road Tunes Sessions @8pm!

Perhaps you can recall the opening lyrics of “Omaha”, from a classic 60’s San Francisco-based band Moby Grape. We will listen to a new recording of that top 100 hit which now features Arwen Lewis on lead vocals. The recording is a nod to some of the musical influences that Arwen’s father, Peter Lewis, had on his daughter.

Don Aters

Don Aters Photography

For her debut album Arwen, singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist chose to offer up her own impassioned interpretation of music that’s literally in her DNA. As the daughter of Moby Grape founding member- Peter Lewis (and granddaughter of Oscar- and Emmy Award-winning actress Loretta Young), Arwen took on a selection of the legendary San Francisco band’s songs and revamped their psychedelia-tinged brand of rock music for a whole new era. Built on her raw but graceful guitar work and gorgeously soulful vocals, the result is a blend of melody-laced folk, gritty blues, and powerfully charged rock & roll that feels both timeless and undeniably of-the-moment.

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