Fresh from a gig at O’Sullivan’s Pub in Santa Maria, and jetting in their PSS Hawking Cruiser spacecraft towards the heart of SoCal with a final destination of the Punk Rock Bowling Bowling and Music Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada the “space rock ’n’ roll” band, The Phenomenauts will be appearing LIVE in-studio today between 11am-1230pm today (Wednesday, May 25th) during “Mood: Uplifted,” which is being co-hosted by KCSB DJ Ted Coe (of “The Freak Power Ticket”) and DJ Jacob Spaceman (of “Live from the Multiverse” and “THE FLOOR”).

Commander Angel Nova (guitar / vocals), • Chief Engineer Atom Bomb (bass), • Lunar Captain Ripley Clipse (keyboards, effects, & guitar), • Leftenant AR7 (guitar / vocals) and • Major Jimmy Boom (drums) will be joining us direct from Studio A to share a song courtesy of the group’s offshoot lounge act, “The Angel and Robot Show” set, selections of their studio recordings, and some lively conversation.

Tune in TODAY between 11am-1230pm PDT on KCSB’s “Mood: Uplited.” “Science & Honor” LIVE on KCSB-FM EXTRA-Terrestrial Radio!!