Of her next broadcast (Sunday, July 6th), DJ Darla Bea writes: “‘I said don’t stop, do punk rock.’

Public Domain.

“Blondie1977 – Public Domain” – Promotional photo from 1977 (Courtesy Arbor to SJ on Wikipedia)

This week on ‘Rock It Properly,’ Santa Barbara’s School of Rock, we pay Tribute to the First Lady of Hip Hop, Ms. Debbie Harry of Blondie!

The Queen of Rapture turned 69 this week, so it’s time for our annual celebration of her music. Tonight’s program will be packed full of Reggae, Rap, Punk, New Wave, Rock and more!

Join me, DJ Darla Bea, on the KCSB Airwaves with the original ‘Bleach Bottle Blonde’ — well before Madonna, Gwen Stefani, & Lady Gaga!

Tune in for a two-hour lesson and Birthday Salute and call (805) 893-2424 for Extra Credit!”

“Rock It Properly” airs on Sundays in the Summer from 8-10pm.