pondering measure p


Voters in Santa Barbara County are pondering Measure P—which proposes to ban the use of fracking and other intensive oil extraction technologies in any future oil projects in the county.

Oil companies of spent over $5 million in opposition to the measure, which was put on the ballot as the result of a grassroots volunteer effort to gather the needed signatures and has been working like crazy to educate the electorate and get out the voters. They have raised about $300,000.

Anti-P arguments claim that the measure will end  current oil operations (thereby costing jobs and tax revenue) even though its language specifically exempts existing projects.The county historically has been deeply split about oil production—the south coast region, which experienced the disastrous oil spill of 1969 is internationally known as a center of resistance to the oil industry; north county residents tend to believe that their livelihood depends on oil.This week on Culture of Protest we’ll talk with Katie Davis, one of the architects of ‘Water Guardians’—the grassroots group that is campaigning for Measure P—with breaks for a sampling of the growing playlist of anti-fracking songs, including some inspired by Measure P itself.

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