Poodle Radio conversations about UCSB’s Long Range Development Plan and the Independent’s band contest

On this week’s Poodle Radio, the KCSB show of the Santa Barbara Independent, Colin Marshall is joined first by Indy senior editor Matt Kettman to discuss his cover story on UCSB’s Long Range Development Plan (LRDP), the blueprint for the University’s expansion meant to take it to 2025. They’re joined on the phone by longtime UCSB sociology professor (and host of KCSB’s Culture of Protest) Dick Flacks, cofounder of Sustainable University Now, which has an eye on the environmental issues raised by the LRDP.

Then, Indy associate arts editor (and Poodle Radio music producer) Aly Comingore visits to talk about this year’s band contest. Hundreds of hopeful groups and solo artists have submitted their goods this year, all with the aim of breaking into the paper’s local music issue and onto the stage at the New Noise Santa Barbara. Throughout the program are tracks from the Smashing Pumpkins, Ray Lamontagne, and Delorean.

Poodle Radio airs live every Tuesday morning at 8:00.