First on this week’s Poodle Radio, the radio program of the Santa Barbara Independent, is a refreshingly noncommercial discussion of this year’s “Best Of” issue, an examination of local preferences in everything from burgers to coffee shops to wedding spots. Colin Marshall is joined by longtime Indy writer D.J. Palladino, who talks about what it’s been like to write about Santa Barbaran’s choices for eight years. Multimedia Sales Manager Robby Robbins shows up to discuss what it’s like to count all the voices. The Four Seasons Biltmore’s Gena Downey also visits to talk about the experience of being featured in the issue.

Then, it’s another Poodle Radio field trip, this time to Warbler Records and Gods, the new music shop downtown on De la Guerra. Colin gets the full tour of the store from owners Kurt Legler and Leigh van der Werff, recent transplants from Portland who have assembled a large collection of new and vintage vinyl albums and other distinctive objects.

You can tune into Poodle Radio live every Tuesday morning from 8-9 a.m. on KCSB, 91.9 FM in Santa Barbara or on KCSB’s webcast at