KCSB Launches Bank Burner Records
November 6, 2013: UCSB’s Radio Station Unveils New, Local Music Label (SB Independent)

KCSB co-presents Tom Brosseau and Sean Watkins at the Carpinteria Plaza Playhouse
June 9, 2013: Small town ambience, in song and space (Santa Barbara News-Press)

KCSB’s own “Live From the Piano Kitchen” Offers a Contemporary Take On Old-Time Radio
April 26, 2013: Radio’s Second Coming (Santa Barbara News-Press)

KCSB “Popped Culture Film Series”: Border Radio: November 29, 2012
November 21, 2012: Border Radio Celebrates 25 Years (SB Independent)

Access to The Air Waves – An Article by Former KCSB GM Eric Wolff
September 17, 2012: Access to the Airwaves: A Musician’s Guide to Community Radio (Performer)

KCSB Supports Muddfest 2012
September 7, 2012: There Will Be Mudd (SB Independent)

KCSB-FM Live Convention Coverage
August 27, 2012: KCSB Covers the National Conventions (SB Independent)

A Tribute to Elizabeth Robinson: On the Retirement of Associated Students’ Associate Director for Media
July 17, 2012: The Spirit of Community Radio Equates with Elizabeth Robinson (Pacifica Network)
May 30, 2012: KCSB Director Elizabeth Robinson Retires (The Bottom Line)

KCET Artbound Article on KCSB’s Radio Drama/Variety Show, “Proboscis Radio Hour”
May 7, 2012: Live From the Piano Kitchen (KCET)

KCSB Hosts Chilla Vista Festival Stage in Isla Vista
May 6, 2012 : Chilla Vista 2012 (The Daily Nexus)

KCSB’s 50th Anniversary Alumni Reunion
May 16, 2012: Fringe Beat: KCSB at 50 (SB Independent)
May 1, 2012: KCSB History Walk:  Documenting Campus History One Broadcaster at a Time (The Bottom Line)
April 27–29, 2012: KCSB Celebrates 50 Years on the Air (SB Independent)

KCSB Presents “Popped Culture Film Series”: Radio Bandido: April 10, 2012
April 19, 2012:  Documentary Explores Radio Activists Tragic Death (The Daily Nexus)
April 17, 2012: The Unsolved Mystery of “Radio Bandido” (The Bottom Line)
April 10, 2012: KCSB Brings Radio Bandido to UCSB (SB Independent)
April 10, 2012:  Documentary Highlights Death of ’90s Radio Host (The Daily Nexus)

Los Olvidados: The Impact of Deportation and Immigration Policies in Our Community (A KCSB Town Hall Meeting)
March 13, 2012: The Daunting Rigmarole of Removal (SB Independent)
March 9, 2012: Panel To Discuss Immigration (The Daily Nexus) Interview Credits KCSB with Cultivation of Santa Barbara’s Growing Music Scene
February 27, 2012: Matt Walker Interview on LA Venues and Live Radio (Examiner)

KCSB Presents “Popped Culture Film Series”: February 23-May 31, 2012
April 24, 2012: Radio on TV: KCSB Hosts “Pop Culture” Film Screening (The Bottom Line)
September 6, 2011: KCSB Looking For Suggestions of Radio in the Movies (Radio Survivor)
September 7, 2011: KCSB Looking For Movies that Prominently Include Radio (CBI)

“50 Years of People Powered Radio” (Sean Hannity Revisited)
January 3, 2012: New Audio of Hannity’s Homophobic History (FAIR)
December 22, 2011: Sean Hannity on KCSB Thursday (SB Independent)
December 23, 2011: KCSB Revisits Controversial Sean Hannity Talk Show Circa 1989 (Radio Survivor)

Radio-Themed Art Exhibition, Wireless, Honors KCSB’s Golden Anniversary, Includes Interactive Radio Art, “Picnic Revolution,” at UCSB: November 6–January 8, 2011
November 24, 2011: SB-CAF Wireless Art Exhibition Honoring KCSB’s Gains Newspaper’s Praise (
November 18, 2011: Still Raised on Radio (Santa Barbara News-Press)
November 2011: KCSB’s Wireless Art Exhibition (SB Contemporary Arts Forum)
November 2011: Wireless Exhibition at Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum (UCIRA)

KCSB Presents “Picnic Revolution” (Interactive Radio Art at UCSB) at UCSB
November 4, 2011: KCSB Hold Live Audio Exhibit (The Daily Nexus)

KCSB Co-Sponsors Concert by Exiled Iranian Rock/Electronic Band The Casualty Process
November 3, 2011: Exiled Iranian Rock Group Give Performance (The Daily Nexus)

Devil In The Canyon: Downwind from the Diablo Canyon Power Plant: KCSB Presents a Town Hall Meeting
October 3, 2011: Devil in the Canyon (UCSB Dept. of Geology)

KCSB’s 50th Anniversary Kickoff: September 30, 2012
October 6, 2012: KCSB Celebrates 50 Years of Free Radio (The Daily Nexus)
The Bottom Line’s YouTube: KCSB’s 50th Anniversary Video (The Bottom Line)

A KCSB Live Broadcast: Loch Lomond and Palladino: September 22, 2011
October 3, 2011: Loch Lomond: Bathroom Sipping is Not a Crime (Willamette Week)

KCSB at 2011 Grassroots Radio Conference: September 15, 2011
September 15, 2011: Prairie Fire: 2011 Grassroots Radio Conference (Radio Survivor)

AS Associate Director of Media/KCSB Advisor, Elizabeth Robinson, on Saving College Radio Panel
August 31, 2011: Upcoming Saving College Radio Events (Radio Survivor)

UC Radio Network Conference at UCSB (Report)
May 5, 2011: College Radio DJs From California Convene at KCSB for UCRN Conference (Radio Survivor)


Below are some of the recent news stories that have featured KCSB. Click news stories to enlarge!

KCSB History Walk Documents Campus History One Broadcaster at a Time – Vi Le – The Bottom Line – 5/1/12, Read online

Unbordered Radio: KCSB Celebrates 50 years on the Air – DJ Palladino – SB Independent 4/6/12 Read Online