trudell movieProfessor Dick Flacks, host of “Culture of Protest” (Thursdays, 6-7pm), writes, “The legendary John Trudell is appearing in Santa Barbara on Saturday, July 28th, at 8pm at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History‘s Fleischmann Auditorium. A Santee Sioux, Trudell grew up in Nebraska; led the American Indian Movement; in the 1980s he began to record his poetry/music–one of the boldest, and most creative, poetry/song projects ever… Encouraged by Bob Dylan, produced by Jackson Browne, synthesizing rock, blues, jazz and Native
American musics and wide-ranging poetic expression–we’ll sample all this in tribute to him and his coming to town on the program this

Marcelino S., host of “The E Syncretic Revolution,” will be interviewing Trudell live, via telephone, the next day, Friday, July 27th, between 2-4pm.