Patricia Fumerton, Ph.D. stopped by to speak with Pav & Tim about her work as the Director of Early Modern Center’s English Broadside Ballads Archive (EBBA).

EBBA’s goal is to make such broadside ballads fully accessible as texts, art, music, and cultural records of the period. About 8,000-10,000 English broadside ballads of the entire seventeenth-century survive. To capture the genre’s arch of development, EBBA seeks to archive all these printed ballads—with priority given to the black-letter ornamental broadside of the genre’s heyday—as well as all surviving sixteenth-century broadside ballads (about 250) and a representative sampling of broadside ballads of the early eighteenth century.

Dr. Fumerton was the recipient of the 2009 BSECS Digital Eighteenth Century Prize, awarded by the British Society for Eighteenth Century Studies in collaboration with JISC Collections, Gale Cengage Learning, Adam Matthews Digital, and Proquest.

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