Of his last broadcast (July 29th), Ted Coe, producer/host of “The Freak Power Ticket” (Mondays, 10am-12noon in the summer) writes:

Mural of Walter Hill's THE WARRIORS (1979) at Coney Island's "Astroland" Amusement Park (2005) - CLICK TO ENLARGE

Mural of Walter Hill’s THE WARRIORS (1979) at Coney Island’s “Astroland” Amusement Park (2005) – CLICK TO ENLARGE

“I entitled this past Monday’s show, ‘PSYCHEDELIC TEEN REBELLION: From Riot on the Sunset Strip to The Warriors,’ which traced the origins of one of my all-time favorite action films, Walter Hill’s 1979 cult-classic motion picture, The Warriors, to youth-uprising narratives since the countercultural 1960s.

At the program’s roots, though, was the funky and innovative Santa Barbara film composer Barry De Vorzon.

De Vorzon is known for a number of hit songs and brilliant film and television scores too:

  • the soundtracks to Stanley Kramer‘s 1970 story of university unrest, R.P.M. (featuring the amazing percussion-heavy psychedelic jam, “The Riot”), and his 1971 follow-up ‘teenagers in revolt’ film, Bless the Beasts & Children
  • the hit theme for the pro-LAPD television cop series, S.W.A.T. (1975-1976)
  • Nadia Comenici‘s “Nadia’s Theme,” from the 1976 Olympics (borrowed from the Bless the Beasts soundtrack)
  • finally, his synth-driven funk-rock score for The Warriors (with the closing theme co-written by fellow Santa Barbaran Joe Walsh, of The Eagles).

Monday’s broadcast revisited The Warriors‘ original motion picture soundtrack, along with the film trailer, dialogue, and music samples; Warriors tribute songs; remixes; previous stories and anthems of teenaged rebellion; and all sorts of other “Revolution Rock” music.

I’m posting the playlist here for the sake of posterity, and in the hopes that it might one day entice Mr. De Vorzon to join me for an interview on the KCSB airwaves.”


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