aefrOf his next broadcast, Josh Redman and writes:

“This Thursday, September 12th, 5…4…3…2…fun!! will have Rakehell and Go Pills play live. Their press release has more info.

‘Three Peas Records announces a West Coast ANALOG RESURGENCE TOUR featuring bands RAKEHELL and GO PILLS, a new issue of 8-Track Mind Magazine, and film/video by Russ Forster and Skizz Cyzyk

Russ Forster and Skizz Cyzyk are two legends of DIY underground culture, each credited with distinctive decades-long histories of activity as musicians, filmmakers, zine editors, promoters, disc jockeys and artists. The Analog Resurgence Tour brings the two together for an evening that shows off the tips of their talent-icebergs. Besides a short sampling of their films and videos, Forster and Cyzyk will serve as back-up musicians in each other’s musical acts: Forster’s RAKEHELL and Cyzyk’s GO PILLS.

RAKEHELL is Russ Forster’s extreme solo project started in the New Millennium. It took over a decade to finish Pure Pop Poison after initial recording sessions October 2001 with famed recording engineer Larry Crane (ELLIOTT SMITH, DECEMBERISTS, DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE). The result, a 13-song slab of darkly humorous post-punk pop songs about politics and passion (including an ill-advised WIRE cover), was released in late 2012 as a vinyl-only offering. This tour will also include the christening of a new print issue of Forster’s 8-Track Mind Magazine, a zine devoted to 8-track tapes and all things analog.

GO PILLS is the name Skizz Cyzyk uses for his revolving-door line-up super-group centered around his eclectic electric ukulele. He writes songs about bodily injuries, radioactivity, love intoxication, aliens, homesickness, yard work, unfunny exhaustion, regrets, boots and blood pressure, in styles ranging from punk to folk to western swing to pop and jazz. GO PILLS often includes lap steel guitar, upright bass, drums, and brass instruments, but sometimes consists of Cyzyk performing a one-man act accompanied by video projections.

Skizz Cyzyk
Skizz Cyzyk cut his teeth in Baltimore hardcore punk bands like BURIED DROOG, SLUG LOG 3 and TRUD (which became REPTILE HOUSE and later LUNGFISH). His cutting edge radio show on WCVT earned him a “Baltimore’s Best FM Deejay” award. He has toured with East Coast pop-punk pioneers BERSERK, and blown minds with multi-media weirdos BLISTER FREAK CIRCUS. Cyzyk founded an underground film festival, MicroCineFest, which he ran for 10 years. He currently plays music with The JENNIFERS, GARAGE SALE, MINK STOLE & HER WONDERFUL BAND, and GO PILLS, and has directed many music videos (BEACH HOUSE, YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS, MEATJACK), animated & experimental shorts, as well as feature documentaries (Freaks In Love (about indie-rock heroes ALICE DONUT); Hit & Stay (about Vietnam-era anti-draft activists the Catonsville Nine)).

Russ Forster
Russ Forster has been a DIY Renaissance Man for over 30 years, playing/singing/writing with Chicago bands like FUDGETUNNEL and END RESULT and founding indie label Underdog Records (which pressed the debut release by SCREECHING WEASEL among others). He co-founded and became Editor/Publisher of the zine 8-Track Mind and was co-director of the 8-track collector feature-length documentary So Wrong They’re Right. His second feature doc was Tributary, a study of American tribute bands, released in 2001. Forster also has several short films/videos on YouTube. Since 2009 Forster has been on pirate radio airwaves in San Francisco as alter-ego The Rock’N’Roll Nurse; currently he has a weekly show on Radio Valencia.'”

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UPDATE: Due to an affliction of unexpected health issues on the host, the scheduled live appearances by Rakehell and Go Pills on 5…4…3…2…fun!! have been cancelled until further notice.