New Gap Fire Photos! (click here)

Gap Fire from an Isla Vista rooftop
(Photo of the Santa Barbara County Gap Fire, courtesy of UCSB student Ryan Gangstamari, taken on a rooftop on Del Playa drive in Isla Vista.)

KCSB 91.9 FM broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from the base of Storke Tower at the University of California, Santa Barbara campus. Our staff and programmers are working overtime to provide comprehensive information and breaking news about the Gap Fire and its effects, including evacuations, blackouts, and health advisories. KCSB is also a broadcast hub in the County’s and State’s Emergency Alert System.

KCSB will be providing ongoing on-air coverage of the Gap Fire, but staff restrictions mean that we will have limited web updates over the long holiday weekend. Stay tuned to KCSB throughout our current state of emergency for all the latest news and information. KCSB also wholeheartedly encourages listener and community calls about Gap Fire developments: please call the KCSB Request Line at (805) 893-2424 (or 893-2425 during any Goleta blackouts) with eyewitness reports or other comments.

Additional information regarding the status of the Gap Fire and emergency operations is available at:

Incident Information System Gap Fire Updates
Santa Barbara County website
Santa Barbara City website

KCSB also recommends that community members rely on battery-powered radios during any extended power outages (tuned to KCSB 91.9 FM, we hope). Keep listening to KCSB for our ongoing coverage, and please consider adding (805) 893-2424 and 893-2425 to your phone directories.

Below are links to two interviews and the news broadcast for July 4; all related to our Gap Fire coverage.