unnamedremembering the xmas truce

Culture of Protest will be live on air on Xmas Day. For 33 years I’ve been doing a ‘political’ Christmas broadcast and so I’ll leave our festive Jewish Xmas dinner table to come down to the station in order to continue this tradition.

It’s a special one—the centenary of the rather legendary Christmas truce during World War I when soldiers on both sides stopped fighting along some battlefronts, sang and played together. John McCutcheon’s song helped raise awareness of that remarkable moment, and there are other songs as well—including a ‘skeptical’  perspective I just got from Ross Altman.

We’ll hear some selections from the newly released Wexford Carols album— Christmas songs that expressed Irish resistance to Cromwell’s effort to wipe out Irish culture and a mix of parodies and traditional music helps explore the glaring contradictions of the season and the society. Happy Holidaze!

culture of protest thurs 12/25/14 6pm pst kcsb 91.9fmwww.kcsb.org