Sean Hannity has often credited KCSB with launching his media career when the station management removed him from the air in 1989 for making “multiple discriminatory statements based on sexual orientation” on his weekly KCSB radio show in “violation of the University of California Nondiscriminatory Policy.” Hannity has always denied that he was homophobic.

Sean Hannity on KCSB

Clipping from June 22, 1989 Santa Barbara Independent Article - CLICK TO ENLARGE (Photo by Christopher Gardner)

On the Thursday, December 22nd edition of KCSB’s retrospective program “50 Years of People Powered Radio,” which pulls from the station’s rich audio archive, listeners heard the material which led up to Hannity’s removal, as well as recollections and commentary from Prof. Richard Flacks and Elizabeth Robinson, along with guest Jody May-Chang, an independent journalist and KCSB alumnus.

An audio archive of that program is now available in two parts, below: so you too can judge for yourself.

“50 Years of People Powered Radio” airs on Thursdays in the Fall from 10am-noon.

(A Hannity background piece from Extra! Magazine [2003] can be found by clicking on the link here.)