rockitproperly-bassOn this week’s edition of Rock It Properly, we’ll be covering all your bases as you get a lesson in Bassist 101.

Learn about the fundamentals of the Bass Guitar and the different picking styles. Join me on KCSB for Trivia. My Special Guest will be Terry Luna, Bassist for-The Depths & Holdfast Rifle Company.

Get ready to rock out!”

-Which Art Student turned Bassist went Solo for a Funky Hit?

-What Bassist & Writer of Disco Hits also produced David Bowie?

-Who was our “Best Friend” Bassist?

-What “small insect” started his music career in Jazz?

-Who has a “Rushed” style of playing Bass Guitar?

-What band is credited to the theme of a Colorado based cartoon?

“Rock It Properly” airs alternating Sundays in the Spring from 8-10pm.