Of her next broadcast (July 18th), DJ Darla Bea says, “On this week’s edition of ‘Rock It Properly,’ don’t you forget about me, we’ll get pretty in pink, turn 16 again, and have a day off in celebration of the ‘Bratpack Soundtrack’: Music featured in Director John Hughes’ Films! Learn about the well known and obscure artists who rocked the 80’s! Join me on KCSB for ‘Movie’ Trivia.

-What U.K. band was named after twin characters from a French Comic called TinTin?

-Who covered Simple Minds and starred in the film The Doors?

-What movie featured a song of the same name that was composed by Danny Elfman?

-What Swiss Electronica Duo says ‘Oh Yeah?’

Get ready to Rock Out!”

“Rock It Properly” airs Sundays in the Summer from 8-10pm.