Of her next broadcast (May 30th), DJ Darla Bea says, “On this week’s edition of ‘Rock It Properly’, grab your Leg Warmers and put on your Tube Top because “Girl’s Just Want to Have FUN!” Learn about the women who rocked us through the 1980’s. Join me on KCSB for some ‘Eighties’ Trivia.

Darla Bea Smith

-What ‘platinum’ haired eighties lady was a Playboy Bunny?

-What ‘private dancer’ was born “Anna Mae Bullock”?

-Who was good enough for the Goonies?

-Who was trained as an opera singer before she turned rocker?

-What ‘runaway’ guitarist was inspired by Glam Rock?

-Who was named after her mom and the Virgin Mother?

Get ready to rock out!””

“Rock It Properly” airs alternating Sundays in the Spring from 8-10pm.