Of her next broadcast (September 5th), DJ Darla Bea says, “On this week’s edition of ‘Rock It Properly’, Are you READY FREDDIE? Celebrate the life and times of Freddie Mercury: flamboyant singer and showman extraordinaire. Featuring a Royal Concert in honor of “The king of Queen” on what would be his 64th Birthday. Learn about his childhood in Zanzibar, obsession with Jimi Hendrix, why he named his band Queen, fans reaction to him growing a mustache, the concert for Live Aid and how his legendary voice and stage presence has influenced countless singers and bands. Join me on KCSB for Mercurial Trivia.

-Where did a young Farouk Bulsara attend Private School?

-What was Queen named before Freddie joined the band? (Hint: Also known as a grin)

-Why did Freddie rechristen himself with the last name Mercury?

-Which German Sci-Fi film from the 1920’s was the inspiration behind the Radio Ga Ga Video?

-Where in Africa did Queen play – that caused controversy?

-Where was Freddie when he wrote Crazy Little Thing Called Love? (Hint: Bubbles were involved)

Get ready to Rock Out!

“Rock It Properly” airs Sundays in the Summer from 8-10pm.