Of her next broadcast (September 19th), DJ Darla Bea says, “On this week’s edition of ‘Rock It Properly’, we’ll learn about French Music Video Director, Michel Gondry best known for his for his inventive visual style. Gondry pioneered the “bullet time” technique used in The Matrix. Learn about the eclectic artists who rocked this visual medium! Join me on KCSB for some ‘Music Video’ Trivia.

-What Candy Striped Rockers fell in love with Lego’s?

-Which Icelandic Pixie finds herself in “Goldilocks and the 3 Bears”?

-What “Rolling” band covered Bob Dylan in this music video?

-Which French House Music Duo was heard “Around the World”?

Get ready to Rock Out!

“Rock It Properly” airs alternating Sundays in the Summer from 8-10pm.