Rodrigo Amarante - Photograph by Eliot Lee Hazel (Courtesy Image).

Rodrigo Amarante – Photograph by Eliot Lee Hazel (Courtesy Image). – CLICK TO ENLARGE

On Friday, July 11th, from 12noon-1pm PDT, Brazilian musician Rodrigo Amarante will appear live from Studio A on “Future Daze,” performing and sharing stories over the course of the hour.

His well-received debut solo album, Cavalo, was released this past May on Easy Sound Records. Amarante was formerly with the popular Brazilian rock group Los Hermanos and the samba big band supergroup Orquesta Imperial. He is also well known for his collaborations with Devendra Banhart, and for forming indie group Little Joy with Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti and Binki Shapiro.

Former “Future Daze” hosts Luna y Mr. Supersonico, alongside new host Marisa Ho, will welcome the acclaimed artist to KCSB-FM at the University of California Santa Barbara campus.

About the broadcast, Luna writes the following:

I still remember walking into that dark bar in LA. My heart was pounding with every step, as I felt the density in the environment and the nostalgia that emerged with each note, slowly dancing and evaporating in the air. After waiting for so long, listening to Cavalo during sunny days and windy nights and wondering why this sound, so familiar, yet so distant, could speak to me this way, I was finally seeing Rodrigo Amarante live. The rest of the set was like a delightful ride on a roller coaster of emotions, as each song made me delve deeper and deeper within my own memories and feelings in almost a cathartic way.

Looking back, Amarante has always been a very prolific artist, collaborating in numerous different projects with artists such as Devendra Banhart and Tom Zé, among others. It was, however, through Los Hermanos and Little Joy that I first fell for his evocative voice and pensive chords. Though Cavalo is Amarante’s first solo project after a musical career that started in Rio almost 20 years ago, I believe it has come at the right time. This solo album feels more personal, as if Amarante is whispering his own story into your ear. He has referred to his artistic process and approach in this piece as that of a foreigner, ‘separated from others and yet still somehow attached to the furniture I had left behind.’ Perhaps this is precisely why Cavalo invokes such a nostalgia on me for old days that never came; it makes me long for a home I have never had. Because feeling like a foreigner and having a home that exists only as a memory, an idea, is a void that I have always felt and Amarante found the exact words to describe this alienation. Switching from English to French, from ‘Hourglass’ to ‘Mon Nom,’ Amarante perfectly depicts the journey that is to find the right words to convey emotions and concepts that exist only within oneself. But beyond words, it is the silences and spaces between them that matter the most to the artist, as they allow ‘diversions, inventions.’ What was before a lacuna has become something else; not a space to be filled, but a space to be felt.

With a spectrum of different feelings that I have been carrying with me since Cavalo, tomorrow I will finally get the chance to chat with Amarante and gain a deeper insight on this piece and how it was conceived.

I will also be co-hosting with Mr. Supersonico, for a surprise comeback of your favorite duo. We’ll be taking over the airwaves starting at noon.

Much love,

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