handcoxDick Flacks writes:

rovics & handcox: the troubadour tradition

David Rovics, one of the leading political troubadours now traveling, will be in Santa Barbara on February 25 so to preview his live performance, we’ll hear some of his topical and prophetic songs—and hopefully inspire local folk to come to Granada Books on Tuesday 2/27 at 7:30.  And (in observance of African American History Month) we’ll hear the voice of John Handcox—called the “sharecropper’s troubadour” in a brand new biography by Michael Honey (who was a guest on Culture of Protest talking about Handcox a few years ago). Handcox was a remarkable singing organizer of tenant farmers in the south in the thirties.



Pete Seeger hovers over all this—he was certainly a model for Rovics and Pete sang Handcox songs and made them labor classics when Handcox had vanished from public view. So we’ll listen to Bruce Springsteen pay tribute to Pete during Bruce’s recent tour of South Africa.
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