Of his next broadcast, Ted Coe writes: “After an extended absence from ‘The Freak Power Ticket,’ Seth Pettersen of Ventura-based indie-rock band Seth Pettersen & The Undertow (formerly of Franklin for Short and also with the new quartet Massenger) returns to the KCSB airwaves from 11am-12 noon for a live in-studio performance, interview, and DJ set featuring studio tracks by Pettersen, along with recordings by friends and personal faves.

Seth Pettersen and The Undertow: CLICK TO ENLARGE

Seth Pettersen and The Undertow will be performing on Wednesday, December 12th at Muddy Waters Cafe with Sub Pop! Records garage-rocker King Tuff.

Tune in this morning for a healthy dose of California psych, surf, and pop-rock creativity to help you start your week off right. And stay tuned for a ticket giveaway to boot!”

“The Freak Power Ticket” airs on Mondays from 11am-12noon in the fall on KCSB-FM.