On Monday, December 10th, Seth Pettersen of Ventura-based indie-rock band Seth Pettersen & The Undertow (formerly of Franklin for Short) returned to KCSB’s studios for a live in-studio performance, interview, and DJ set featuring solo studio tracks by Pettersen, plus his new band Massenger and Sub Pop! Records garage-rockers King Tuff – which is headlining a show with openers Seth Pettersen and The Undertow on Wednesday, December 12th at Muddy Waters Cafe (508 E. Haley).

Seth was joined on mic by Robert and Michael, friends from Arc of Ventura County, plus another in-studio guest, Karen, an Arc coworker.

Tune into the podcast here to hear Pettersen’s California psych, surf, post-punk, and pop-rock creativity, with complete tracks played during the show (excluding King Tuff’s).


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