sometimes history rhymes


A law enforcement agent sprays pepper spray at the crowd. Public Domain.

This week on Culture of Protest we have a 2 hour block. This gives a chance to remember in depth some historic events whose anniversaries happen this week.

From 6-7pm we take off from the ‘Battle in Seattle’—when thousands of protesters disrupted the international gathering of the World trade Organization in 1999. That confrontation helped propel mass movement against corporate globalization. We’ll talk with Dr. Daraka Larimore Hall, who participated then as a teenager—and we’ll explore current street protests in light of Seattle.


Mario Savio on Sproul Hall steps, 1966. Public Domain.

At 7 pm we’ll mark the 50th anniversary of the mass occupation of Sproul Hall at UC Berkeley and the subsequent victory of the Free Speech Movement whose demands were endorsed by the UCB academic senate almost exactly 50 years ago. We’ll listen to rarely heard documentary audio from those events. Berkeley protests now going on are being reported as ‘reminiscent’ of the FSM.

History doesn’t repeat itself, but sometimes it rhymes. Mark Twain may have said that.

culture of protest thurs 12/11/14 6-8pm pst kcsb 91.9fm