shofarOf his program Culture of Protest, Dick Flacks writes:

songs for atonement and reflection
This week we observe Yom Kippur, an opportunity even for the non-observant to reflect on how to overcome human failures both personal and social. It’s the week of 9-11-1973, when a US backed fascist coup overthrew Chilean democracy; 2001–used to justify 2 wars and vast expansion of the surveillance state; Sept. 15–the 50th anniversary of the Birmingham bombing that killed 4 little girls in church. Tragic events needing atonement; while we teeter on new war and hope for something better. So-on the radio-songs marking all of this, and planned to encourage reflection on the past and what can be done now.
culture of protest thurs 9/12/13 6 pm pt kcsb 91.9fm