earthOf his next broadcast, host Dick Flacks writes:

songs for earth day 2014

This week on the radio: the annual Earth Day observance.
We‘ve been collecting some anti-fracking songs—this year in Santa Barbara Earth Day coincides with a major grassroots drive to get signatures to put a ban on fracking on the ballot—and that dovetails with a statewide drive to win legislative approval for a fracking moratorium.
And in honor of Pete Seeger’s passing (and upcoming 95th birthday), we’ll present a sampling of his many songs that anticipated and accompanied the environmental movement.

We’ll musically take note of the 45th anniversary of the Santa Barbara oil spill—once the greatest oil disaster (now the 3rd greatest)—a disaster that helped give rise to grassroots environmentalism and to Earth Day.

And along the way, we’ll let Woody Guthrie mark the 100thanniversary of the Ludlow massacre and Bob Dylan tell us the story of the late Hurricane Carter.
culture of protest thurs 4/24/14 6 pm pdt kcsb 91.9fm